Sunday, February 28, 2010

Costume Exchange at Amera's Palace

Come along and buy, sell or swap previously loved costumes seeking new homes.

Sunday the 7th of March 2:30-5:30pm @
Amera’s Palace
85 Enmore Road NEWTOWN

Free Entry
Palace stock will also be available
Silk Bazaar
Designer Costumes from Egypt
Complementary Lebanese sweets
Fashion Parade

Stall holders $25

Seamstress on site for immediate alterations

INFO: Contact Magda 0401255617

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dancers for Animals

Im fowarding Jrisi's email...please read it!! It is very important if everyone helps!!

Dear Bellydance/Tribal teachers,

Some of you might remember from last year I wrote about ESMA in one of my newsletter.

ESMA are the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals which was formed in 2007 based in Sakkara, Egypt. A small group of Egyptian and expatriates came together to fight the notion of population control (after a horrific shooting spree of dogs by the Egyptian government).

ESMA is a charitable organization registered in Egypt that operates a shelter and adoption center. They are committed to improving animal welfare in Egypt in all areas of need, including: dogs and cats; donkeys and horses; animals in the Cairo zoo; and pet shops.

This is a totally self funded shelter with animal lovers everywhere giving what they can. Including Rozetta (from Sydney Bellydance Legends show, dance teacher to Amera and Terezka) who has donated to the shelter for years.

For those of you who have travelled to Egypt and have seen first hand the horrible situation of what some of these animals live in, your heart just breaks.

Peta Jones (from Silk Bazaar), Caroline of Cairo and myself have joined forces to bring awareness to Australian dancers who love Egypt as much as we do about the devastating situation animals live in.

Peta and a handful of Sydney bellydancers will be traveling to Egypt in a few short weeks as part of Terezka's Egypt Tour so we have decided to use this fantastic opportunity to take some much needed donations to the shelter personally.

You can help by one of three things.


- New or used collars

- combs, pet grooming kits

- flea/worming treatments

- leashes (new or used)

2. $$$$$ $5 donations Times are tight for all us I know, but $5 still goes along way.

These items/donations are going to be hand delivered to the shelter by Peta. She will also be documenting her visit to the shelter and interviewing Mona Khalil (founder of ESMA)

The interview and footage will be played during our Black Time Charity Fundraiser Event on Thursday July 29th held at Anahita Persian Restaurant. All proceeds to ESMA.


- Ask your students to donate

- Collect goods during your classes. Peta or myself will pick these up

- If you would like to collect goods we can let people know via our website/facebook and mass email

Peta will be leaving for Egypt on March 9th so cut off date to donate is Friday March 5th.

If you would like to collect goods please let myself or Peta know by calling, texting or emailing

Jrisi Jusakos

0409 243 764

Peta Jones

0411 049 331

Goods will be taken in suitcases so we ask that no heavy things be donated. As much as we would love to collect bedding, canned foods etc these items are way too heavy.

With the money collected Peta will be buying heavier items in Egypt such as

- Dry and Wet food

- Formula

- Blankets

- Towels

- Litter

- Cleaning products

Even if we collect $100AUD this time around that would be fabulous as it goes a long long way. As you can appreciate we can only accept cash. We are in the process of looking into to setting up our own Australian foundation but as anyone out there might know this is a timely and costly venture needing financial set up complete with lawyers etc. We will get there, but not before March!!

Our Black Tie Charity Fundraiser in July will be the event to aim as high as we can, your support then will also be greatly appreciated.

Please let us know what you and your students can do to help.


Dancers for Animals

Jrisi Jusakos, Peta Jones and Caroline Evanoff
 For more information visit

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sophie Alize Presents Arabic Nights

I know it is a bit late notice but this is a event not to be missed! 
Sophie Alize is one of the best bellydancers in Sydney and she has put together
a colorful and spectecular show with participation of other local bellydancers.

So if you still haven't booked a table, run! There are only few seats available!

Bring your friends, students and whoever wants to join a great arabic night!

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th at Icebergs Bondi
For bookings call 91303120