Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have you seen Mao's Last Dancer?

Hi again,

Last week I watched Mao's Last Dancer. I read the book last year so I was really curious and motivated to see it! The book is a must-read is a beatiful story of a ballet dancer Li Cunxin that was chosen at age of 11 to be part of Madam Mao's Beijing Dance Academy. Li goes through a lot of pain (specially in his childhood) and with hard work, discipline and determination he becomes one of the world's greatest dancers.

I dont need to say that the book is much better than the movie huh? But still to see the scenes where he dances reminded me when I did ballet (for many years) and it made me feel even more motivated to keep working hard on  my dancing techniques! Ballet for me is such a structured dance that requires a lot of discipline whereas bellydance is more "free style" (despite being also a hard work). Well, this is my feeling! Anyway, for those people that admire any style of dancing, go and watch this beautiful movie (and let me know if you liked)!

"Before you can fly
You have to be free"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tarik Sultan in Australia!

What a great opportunity! To be honest I havent heard much about this event and thinking that most of you haven't heard as well I decided to post here a little bit about what is happening in Queensland on 20 & 21 February 2010. Tarik Sultan is coming all the way from NYC to perform and teach for the first time in Australia. You can research and know about his wonderful work on his website There are some very interesting articles about the history of bellydance, it is worthy to read each line!

20 Feb 2010 - Saturday
Workshop 1 Middle Eastern fluidity: Learn how to dance with body and soul!
Evening concert staring Tarik Sultan, Jamil from Sydney and local dancers

21 Feb 2010 - Sunday
Workshop 2 Choreography: Egyptian Pop
Workshop 3 Introduction to Saidi Dance

For detailed information about the event visit:

I will be there! And you???

World Master Game 2009 Opening Ceremony

I am sooo enthusiastic about this blog that I feel like spending all night writting! But I couldnt forget to comment about such a great opportunity I experienced recently: The World Master Game 2009. After many rehearsals and hours spent on memorising the choreography, the result couldn't be better (despite the wing veil getting stuck on my face ;-)). Jrisi made such a wonderful job by putting together an amazing choreo with the best professionals!

I cant describe how exciting was to face 40 thousand people in front of me! I am sure the girls were overwhelmed as much as I was! Anyway, I just wanted to leave here my impression and thank the beautiful bellydancers for the great synergy!

Jrisi Jusakos, Suzie, Patricia, Johara, Rachel Bond, Georgina, Heather, Rose (Perth), Ferah and Sophie Alize

Photos by Peta Jones

This is the video! Check it out!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Et Mirage

Et Mirage

Sunday December 20th, 2009

A spectacular night of dancing proudly presented by Jrisi Jusakos and Devi Mamak. Two of Australia's esteemed dance artists. Combining talent and creativity in this sumptuous evening of dazzling costumes, choreograpy and energy. An Australian first, Devi will choreograph for Oriental dancers and Jrisi will choreograph for Tribal dancers, plus special guests performances and prize giveaways

Where: Sidetrack Theatre (Marrickville)

For more information:

Ottoman's Dreams

Ottoman’s Dreams

Enter the forbidden realm of Sherahizade

Saturday 21st November 2009 @ Hermanns Bar

Crn City Rd & Butlin Ave, University of Sydney, Darlington

8:00pm – 2am

Come and live the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights through dance, music and history. Transform into an Arabian atmosphere for one night to experience Sydney’s best DJ’s, bellydancer’s and special guests.

Special guest performances by Jamil and Sophie. Both Sophie and Jamil will take upon the stage to demonstrate Arabian culture and knowledge through dance.

Be apart of this special evening. Ticket’s on Sale now.

Prepaid - $20

At the door - $25

Limited tickets, so don’t miss out


Finally after postponing for ages I decided to sit and transform all my thoughts and feelings into words. I was born in Brazil and I have been living in Australia for four years. Since I moved to this country I feel isolated as a Brazil, for instance, we had such a close community where we were all very supportive to each other. We used to spend hours and hours and even the entire night watching DVD, helping each other to improve their dance by studying this is the main reason why I decided to start this blog: to bring together everything that is happening in our bellydance community, to discuss interesting videos, to spread the word of our workshops and classes, to SUPPORT each other! So, please free to send me information of what's going on in your world! It will be a pleasure for me to post your event here!

I also need to mention that since Jamil had the brilliant idea of creating the ATTAR troupe, I feel that the "isolation" feeling no longer exists. This troupe is such a gift in my life! Jamil, Sophie Alize, Magda and Lisi you are amazing professionals! Thanks for being excellent professional partners and friends!

For all professional bellydancers, students or any person interested in this beautiful art, stay tuned for all information, videos, interviews and upcoming events! Feel free to comment and collaborate with interesting topics!

Best regards,
Danielle Lopes