Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tarik Sultan in Australia!

What a great opportunity! To be honest I havent heard much about this event and thinking that most of you haven't heard as well I decided to post here a little bit about what is happening in Queensland on 20 & 21 February 2010. Tarik Sultan is coming all the way from NYC to perform and teach for the first time in Australia. You can research and know about his wonderful work on his website http://www.tariksultan.com/. There are some very interesting articles about the history of bellydance, it is worthy to read each line!

20 Feb 2010 - Saturday
Workshop 1 Middle Eastern fluidity: Learn how to dance with body and soul!
Evening concert staring Tarik Sultan, Jamil from Sydney and local dancers

21 Feb 2010 - Sunday
Workshop 2 Choreography: Egyptian Pop
Workshop 3 Introduction to Saidi Dance

For detailed information about the event visit:

I will be there! And you???


  1. yes i am thinking i might go too! ;P

  2. will Tarik be coming to Sydney????

  3. Hi Maria,

    As far as I know he is not coming to Sydney. So we definetely have to go to Queensland! I hope to see you there!! xo


  4. Tarik is a lovely guy. I met up with him in NYC and hanged out together at Summer Stage watching and dancing to Natacha Atlas. I also have experienced his teaching as I attended Morocco's summer intensive in NYC and Tarik is Morocco's protege and he takes the warm up section of class. As Morocco, Tarik is very thorough and takes the time to explain things clearly. He is a wealth of knowledge as Morocco has passed on her knowledge onto him. I also saw him in Egypt during Ahlan Wa Sahlan festival.

    He's certainly not a flash in the pan dancer, he is very correct in the way he interprets certain styles. So if you think he will be similar to say Tito then you are best to read about his work before you attend. If you want a thorough workshops with loads of info and background then this would be for you.

    Jrisi x

  5. I had a wonderful time in Australia teaching, performing and most of all meeting all the wonderful people in the dance community down there. Thank you all who came out to support the event. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Tarik Sultan