Tuesday, October 27, 2009

World Master Game 2009 Opening Ceremony

I am sooo enthusiastic about this blog that I feel like spending all night writting! But I couldnt forget to comment about such a great opportunity I experienced recently: The World Master Game 2009. After many rehearsals and hours spent on memorising the choreography, the result couldn't be better (despite the wing veil getting stuck on my face ;-)). Jrisi made such a wonderful job by putting together an amazing choreo with the best professionals!

I cant describe how exciting was to face 40 thousand people in front of me! I am sure the girls were overwhelmed as much as I was! Anyway, I just wanted to leave here my impression and thank the beautiful bellydancers for the great synergy!

Jrisi Jusakos, Suzie, Patricia, Johara, Rachel Bond, Georgina, Heather, Rose (Perth), Ferah and Sophie Alize

Photos by Peta Jones

This is the video! Check it out!

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