Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have you seen Mao's Last Dancer?

Hi again,

Last week I watched Mao's Last Dancer. I read the book last year so I was really curious and motivated to see it! The book is a must-read is a beatiful story of a ballet dancer Li Cunxin that was chosen at age of 11 to be part of Madam Mao's Beijing Dance Academy. Li goes through a lot of pain (specially in his childhood) and with hard work, discipline and determination he becomes one of the world's greatest dancers.

I dont need to say that the book is much better than the movie huh? But still to see the scenes where he dances reminded me when I did ballet (for many years) and it made me feel even more motivated to keep working hard on  my dancing techniques! Ballet for me is such a structured dance that requires a lot of discipline whereas bellydance is more "free style" (despite being also a hard work). Well, this is my feeling! Anyway, for those people that admire any style of dancing, go and watch this beautiful movie (and let me know if you liked)!

"Before you can fly
You have to be free"

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