Sunday, November 01, 2009

I am sooo happy with all the support and emails I have been receiving after creating this blog. It was amazing to realise that I was not the only one feel isolated  whitin our community. I guess because everyone is always so busy therefore we never have time at all to meet up. But from now on we are having many Haflas and events going on and this is a good opportunity to catch up and support our friends in their projects! This week I have been particularly busy preparing interviews and putting together some researches I consider intersting to post here. I have to specially thank Jamil for all the help he has given me! This blog would not be the same without our team work! THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Jamil!

I received a email from Shiva (posted bellow) asking for suggestions to a day and place where to have his xmas party. I hope you all help him out to organise it.

Hello bellydancers and bellydancerettes,

I am looking to organise our very own bellydancer's xmas party this year. We seem to always be entertaining others so its about time we entertain ourselves.

Also to make new friends and build burnt bridges. At the moment plans are being seen to have a function at Al mustafa in Glebe but if any has suggestions please let me know. Also the date would be in 4 weeks either on a thurs or Sunday, when a lot of people have finished exams.

This would a great way for all the professional dancers in Syd to unwind, have a few bottles of wine and pig out on carbs before the onslaught of the xmas period:-)

Looking forward to every1's attendance.


So stay tuned for the next posts! There are many surprises to come!

Alla Cushnir Ukraine's Got Talent 2009 5th semifinal 


  1. Shiva, I think the location is great and you should do it on Thursday. In this way nobody is working and everyone can attend your party!! xo

  2. Sounds good - will it be limited to professional dancers only? I guess it has to be , otherwise you'd all end up dancing for your fans, and that would hardly be a night off!