Thursday, November 12, 2009

Caroline of Cairo Workshop in Sydney

Caroline will be in Australia!
Sydney on SUNDAY 29th November
Melbourne SUNDAY 8th November

Workshop 1.Shaabi awi! - Choreography to “Assalayah”
This workshop will give dancers an authentic feel and understanding for what shaabi really is. It will not be just oriental or folkloric moves done to a shaabi song as so many claim shaabi to be, but real moves and gestures from the backstreets. There will also be a discussion at the beginning to define what shaabi is, how it has changed, different types of shaabi music, similarities to baladi and more.

A workshop not to be missed where you will have a rare chance to discover another side of Egypt through the eyes of a local.

Time: 10am-12:30pm (2 ½ hours)

Cost : $65
Workshop 2.Modern Egyptian Choreography

A modern Egyptian choreography, to a well-loved Arabic song “Ainaby” by Karem Mahmoud (who also sang “Samra ya Samra”). This classic song is a must for every dancer’s repertoire used by dancers such as Zizi Mostapha but one that has not been overdone so still sounds fresh! Full of emotion and changes to keep the dancer and the audience interested. Loaded with moves from the great Egyptian dancers and choreographers past and present. In this workshop we will break down the techniques, steps and combinations and put them all together to create a dance full of life!

Time: 1:30pm-4pm (2 ½ hours)
Cost: $65

Workshop 3.Oriental Instruments and Movements

Which instrument is best to do turns to, which ones are mayas better suited. Do you shimmy to an accordian? Can you do a camel with the oud? What must you not forget with the kanoon? What about dancing to the voice? Does this have you wondering? Then this workshop is for you. Dancers will gain a greater understanding Oriental Music through the different instruments and movements that can go with them. This in turn makes the difficult task of choreographing so much easier and add texture, variety and feeling to your dance.

Time: 4:30pm-6pm (1 ½ hours)
Cost: $45

Where: Flamenco Dance Studio
585B King Street, Newtown

Directions: South end of King Street,
closest railway station: St Peters

Full-day discount: $165

Enquiries and bookings: email

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