Monday, October 26, 2009


Finally after postponing for ages I decided to sit and transform all my thoughts and feelings into words. I was born in Brazil and I have been living in Australia for four years. Since I moved to this country I feel isolated as a Brazil, for instance, we had such a close community where we were all very supportive to each other. We used to spend hours and hours and even the entire night watching DVD, helping each other to improve their dance by studying this is the main reason why I decided to start this blog: to bring together everything that is happening in our bellydance community, to discuss interesting videos, to spread the word of our workshops and classes, to SUPPORT each other! So, please free to send me information of what's going on in your world! It will be a pleasure for me to post your event here!

I also need to mention that since Jamil had the brilliant idea of creating the ATTAR troupe, I feel that the "isolation" feeling no longer exists. This troupe is such a gift in my life! Jamil, Sophie Alize, Magda and Lisi you are amazing professionals! Thanks for being excellent professional partners and friends!

For all professional bellydancers, students or any person interested in this beautiful art, stay tuned for all information, videos, interviews and upcoming events! Feel free to comment and collaborate with interesting topics!

Best regards,
Danielle Lopes

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  1. It's funny you should feel that way, Danielle, because I used to dance flamenco and felt the same. When I switched to belly dancing, I loved the friendlier atmosphere (the flamenco schools are all focussed on competing with each other rather than creating a flamenco community).

    Maybe it's the difference between being a student and being a professional.