Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Check list when hiring a Bellydancer/Entertainer

Hiring a bellydancer is not a easy task, believe me...firstly because there are so many out there, everyone with a beautiful website and great pictures, so who would you choose?

Secondly, who guarantees you that the person you are hiring looks the same as their photo?

Thirdly, how do you know if she is a good dancer/entertainer?

This is a quick list of things you should look at when hiring a bellydancer: (this would be a check list for all bellydancers as well)

1) Video footage:
 Every professional bellydancer should have AT LEAST one video to showcase their work...if the bellydancer you are hiring doesn't have one on her website, I would definitely ask her to send you a link!

2) Photo gallery:
I have had so many people asking me before "are you really the same person from the photos on your website?". Many customers have hired bellydancers that looked so glamourous and gorgeous in the pictures and when they arrive at the party they look completely different...

For this reason it is always good to have a studio photo gallery as well performances photos where the customers can see the REAL you!

3) Costume
The way bellydancers present themselves is very important, the combination of a good costume, accessories and make up, makes all the difference! Sometimes you don't need to have the most expensive costumes, but the way you combine these three elements can make you look classy and elegant.

4) Entertainment V's Dancing skill
Not all entertainers are good dancers and vice versa. In my opinion, if you hire a professional you are looking for the whole package right?

5) Years of experience
We all know that older wines taste better. Check the dancer's experience. How long has she being dancing? What are the highlights in her career or prestigious events at which she has danced?  I have seen many dancers as well with not that many years of experience but deliver a great this is not the most important item in your check list, but definitely something to consider.

6) Music
Make sure you let her know your music choice, don't expect the bellydancer to guess your nationality or which music you enjoy. If you are Lebanese, Turkish, Egyptian or Greek, or you want an arabic mix, you need to be clear about your preferences if you know what you want.

7) Watch her performance live
Normally a dancer will list her regular jobs on her website, so before you hire her you can always go and watch her live performance. If she doesn't have a regular show every week you need then to come back to number 1 and ask her for her video footage.

Now that you have a quick list to look at when hiring a professional bellydancer, I hope you enjoy her performance and have a great event! Nothing worse than getting frustrated and disappointed with what should be the highlight of the night! :-)

Danielle Lopes Bellydancer

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